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Look to Municipal Analytics for your financial and operational analysis needs

Our Services Include


Budgeting and Financial Forecasting

Multi-year financial forecasting tools help position local governments for long-term stability. They also create opportunities to make small adjustments in the early years to avoid major changes several years out. About as close to a crystal ball as you can come!

Utility Financial Analysis

Public utilities are established to provide critical services to residents and businesses. Understanding how to manage the finances and set appropriate rates is a fiduciary responsibility of public boards. We are well-versed in doing this the right way!

Cost Allocation

Do you know what it really costs to operate public services? Often overlooked in special revenue funds, enterprise funds, internal service funds and general department budgets is the cost of services provided by General Fund functions, such as HR, finance, legal, maintenance and others. Properly allocating costs can help recover some money in the General Fund. Done right, you will also know more precisely what services actually cost! 

Feasibility Analysis

Public organizations are faced with many opportunities and demands to expand services, consolidate services, build buildings, buy equipment, issue debt, add or eliminate employee benefits, raise or cut taxes, and so much more. Before moving forward, it is critical to evaluate the costs and benefits of major changes. Through our research and analysis, we consider the full scope of potential impacts, as well as the short- and long-term advantages and disadvantages of proposed changes, so decision makers can be fully informed before voting on important issues.

  • Shared Services Analysis
  • City Income Tax Analysis
  • Economic Impact Analysis
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