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As we prepare to begin a new year, I’m reminded by retiree friends that the Social Security cost of living increase for 2017 will be an uninspiring 0.3%. Many senior citizens are pointing out that this paltry increase does not cover the expected inflationary cost increase between 2016 and 2017, which is looking to be close to 2.0%. This gap between rising costs and stagnating income could put millions of senior citizens, especially those with limited other retirement income, in a difficult financial situation. It is times like this that retirees realize the value of income diversity; unfortunately, it is too late for many of them to change their income mix. This got me thinking about local

Big City Small World

There is a small café in Ann Arbor, Michigan, named Big City Small World Bakery. The name has always intrigued me. The business is operated several blocks from the bustling downtown district, in an older brick building with a lot of character. Inside, the shop is very small, with large display cases of freshly baked treats and breads, a nice selection of coffee, and a smattering of quaint offerings to make any home feel cozy. Entering the shop, you immediately notice its diminutive size, then quickly realize the vast selection of treats beckoning you to explore their sweet, salty, hearty or melt-in-mouth deliciousness. It’s really quite impressive how this very small neighborhood bakery has

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